Isn’t a bad idea, having Passcode for your Apple Watch may secure the device unauthorized access. Additionally you can protect iPhone with Touch ID, also use passcode for using Apple Pay.

Some users may annoy entering passcode on this tiny gadget, thus these are the following sections which cannot be skipped.

  • Reboot of watch
  • Manually lock and unlock
  • When the watch is removed from wrist and put back once again

This means that a user should only have to enter passcode only once when it is put first. Apparently it is important to note that a user shouldn’t wear the watch loosely as it may ask you more often to enter the passcode.

How to Turn ON Passcode?

  • To turn ON pass code on Watch a user can make use of iPhone. Click on “Watch” icon from home of iPhone
  • Ensure that “My Watch” screen is active. If the screen isn’t active then tap at the bottom, subsequently click on “Passcode”
  • Select “Turn Passcode On”, and from the next scree enter the passcode on watch

NOTE: By default the passcode will be 4 digits, hence it is good to have different passcode for Apple watch and iPhone for better security

For strong passcode you can have lengthy passcode, as long as 10 digits. To add 5-10 passcode digits, turn off “Simple Passcode” on the “Passcode” screen.

If users who wish to have similar passcode for both iPhone and watch, then this option is also available. This type of configuration helps users when they occasionally use it. Moreover unlocking iPhone will automatically unlock watch making it much easier for users to unlock watch.

Further security

A user can include additional security to watch when 10 failed attempts are made to the gadgets, when failed attempts are made on the gadgets by any unauthorized users then the data on the watch will get erased automatically. It is very important for a user to keep track of the attempts as on one is liable after this option is enabled.

NOTE: If in case you have forgotten passcode then reset watch in order to access once again