External Hard Drive Recovery“Hi, I purchased a WD Elements 500 GB external hard drive last year. Within this month, I stored almost 300 GB of files on that drive. But, last day, a displeasing action has done from my part. While rearranging files from my drive, I deleted some vital files also. It is only few in number. But, for me, it is so precious. As I don’t have any backup of those files, I need a software for external hard drive recovery which is capable of recovering deleted external hard drive files without bringing any corruption to those files. If you any of such tools, please let me know about it. I am using a Window 7 computer.”

Nowadays, these kinds of situations are quite common since many users are making use of different external hard drives as a backup of their data storage. But sometimes, deletion of files can take place from an external hard drive due to human as well as computer errors. You can see some of the reasons for the loss of files from an external hard drive from below.

  • File Deletion while Deleting Unwanted Files: You may accidently erase vital files from your external hard drive while removing unwanted files. Usually an external hard drive mounts just as internal hard drive partitions. In such case, even you delete files from that drive, you can recover back from Recycle Bin or from Trash. But, if your external drive mounts as a removable drive, the deleted files from it, will not reach Recycle Bin or Trash. Without using a genuine external hard drive data recovery tool, you can get back those files.
  • Unreliable Third Party Tools: Software programs which are installed on your computer can directly access files on your external hard drive based on their file signatures. If you are using an untrustworthy third party software, even deletion of files from your external drive can happen.
  • Antivirus Programs: If some files on your external hard drive are infected by viruses or similar malicious programs, antivirus software present on your computer can quarantine them or even delete in some situations.

Advanced Solution for External Hard Drive Data Deletion

External Hard Drive Recovery software is a powerful and safe external drive recovery solution which can be applied to all prominent portable hard drive brands like Kingston, Transcend, WD, Seagate, Toshiba, LaCie, etc. This tool supports various types of external hard drives like eSATA, USB, FireWire, and so on. With this tool, you can get thumbnail preview of certain types of files before actually recovering them. If you are satisfied with this preview, then only you have to purchase the tool for saving recovered files. You can use this tool to perform external hard drive recovery on various Windows and Mac computers that are formatted with different file systems.