It is expected that Apple is going to announce the release of iOS 9.3 at the event of next week. So it is the surprise for you that your hardware is ready to get updated in few days.

iphone-6s-plus-night-shift-fakeFirst of all you need to check the whether your device will support the iOS 9.3. Before that you need to check the model you are using, go to Settings, then General>About and Model. There you can see your model and if it is upgradable then follow the below steps to update your device.

Backup your data:

Before doing any major tasks in the device you need to backup your device data, because if there is anything wrong in the process and if the data gets deleted then your important information or files will get lost. So store the backup data in the other storage device or upload in any iCloud services.

Update your apps

Updating of all your apps are very much important because the iOS 9 will be associated with updated apps, so the current apps in the device should be upgraded so that it should be compatible with iOS 9.

Know your passwords

In order to reconnect to your data back, iCloud password is needed to do enter it. So you need to remember your password so that it will be helpful to you while reloading your data.

You might want to wait

If your iPad or iPhone is running slow, then before upgrading you might want to give few days for it. For some times public betas have been running and it doesn’t come across anything. At the last minute you might never know what may.

Get ready, IT admins

All the IT admins should give prepare the devices of the people who are working under you in order to upgrade with iOS 9.3 which is going to release.

While most of the mobile devices and the apps management software should work fine, making sure that it’s worth speeding. For the people to hold off upgrading remember to get the message as soon as possible before releasing of iOS 9.3.