When it comes to USB drives, users use different types of USB drives like external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, etc. All these USB drives easily helps in transferring and storing files in well organized manner. As many people use these USB drives to store and transfer their important data, the solution to recover data from these USB drives comes first in case of accidental data loss from USB drives. Before going to know the solution for USB drive data recovery, let us know few scenarios under which most of the users lose their data from USB drives.

  1. Many users often delete their data accidentally from USB drives. Files deleted from USB drives will not get redirected to recycle bin folder, and they get erased permanently from the drive.
  2. Formatting the USB drive containing your precious data results in permanent loss of files. Sometimes, users format it by mistake and sometimes, they purposely format their USB drives in order to overcome corruption issues to USB drives.
  3. Some dangerous external threats like virus and malware infection to USB drives can hide or delete files from USB drives.
  4. Abruptly ejecting USB drives from the computer, while data transfer process is going between computer and USB drive can result in severe data loss.
  5. Power failure, computer shut down, file system corruption, electro-static discharge, etc are some of the other reasons behind data loss from USB drives.

To avoid these data loss scenarios, it is strictly suggested to maintain legitimate backup of all your essential files at regular intervals of time. In case, if you have failed to backup your files and come across any of these USB drive data loss scenarios, then immediately stop further usage of USB drive in order to avoid overwriting of new data on the lost or deleted data on your USB drive. Then, you have to use some reliable and professional data recovery tool to recover USB drive files in an easy way.

USB Recovery Tool to recover data from USB drive:

USB Recovery Tool is considered as the most reliable and prominent data recovery software to recover data from USB drive on Windows or Mac running computers. Both deleted and lost files from USB drive can be recovered by using this software. It is capable of recovering numerous types of files, which include PowerPoint files, documents, spreadsheets, games, PDF files, photos, videos, music files, .apk files, and many more with utmost ease. USB Recovery program is also capable of retrieving files from corrupted as well as formatted USB drives in hassle free way. This tool has some unique features, which makes it unique when compared to other tools. More updated details about this tool can be obtained at https://www.usbrecoverytool.com/

Unique features of USB Recovery Tool:

  1. USB Recovery utility is available in demo and full versions. This tool can be evaluated by downloading and executing its demo version at free of cost.
  2. Demo version scans and recovers almost all types of files from USB drive. After scanning is completed, it provides an advanced option “Preview” to view the recoverable files prior to saving them at your desired location.
  3. Demo version also has one more advanced option i.e., “Save Recovery Session” to save the entire data recovery process. So that, once you purchase the licensed version of the tool, you do not have to rescan your USB drive, instead you can resume with the saved recovery session by using “Open Recovery Session” button.
  4. USB Recovery software supports on different versions of Windows and Mac operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows server2003 and 2008, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, etc.