If you are wondering how to repair corrupted PowerPoint file, here is the solution waiting for you. PowerPoint file corruption occurs due to a number of reasons that we are about to discuss below, but before that you need to know the software for carrying out the repair process. It is called Remo Repair PowerPoint which repair PPTX file without any errors and with full level of accuracy. You won’t lose a single slide or any attachments from your PowerPoint slide. Here is the simple video demonstration of damaged PPTX file repair.

Guide Showing How to Repair

The very first step involves installation of the Remo Repair PowerPoint software on your Windows PC or Laptop. Then, open the tool from your desktop. You will get a screen asking for PPT / PPTX / PPS file for repair. Choose the file from your system and load it, finally click on “Repair”. Then it asks for the destination path to store the fixed file and click “Save”. Now everything from the users end is over, now the software begins repairing your corrupt PPTX file and as soon as it gets finished you will get a confirmation on the screen stating that the repair process is completed successfully. Now in the destination folder, you will see a file following the data and time of repair, you can access it. Remember, you need to activate the software for full version license to save the repaired PowerPoint file.

Characteristics of Remo Repair PowerPoint

The following are the attributes of this tool which makes this best in repairing your damaged PPTX file.

  • This tools user interface is very easy to use and requires few clicks from the user. It is made easy so that even a computer beginner can use this utility to repair PPT files.
  • The advanced algorithm makes it very fast and efficient in repairing corrupt or damaged PPTX files within short span of time.
  • The software supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows OS platforms and can be installed in all OS including the latest Windows 10.
  • The tool is safe to use and it is free from viruses. This adds reliability to the feature set.

Reasons behind Damage of PPTX Files

The most common reasons of PowerPoint file corruption are listed below as there are lot more number of reasons behind PPT damage.

  • Error accessing the files due to Trojan attacks in Windows. As they are created to do harm to the data in Windows computers, some viruses even delete the files.
  • Usage of any third party utilities for opening PPT file may cause corruption if handled incorrectly.
  • Sudden power outage while accessing the PPTX file results in any unsaved changes go into a state of corruption.
  • Error downloading the PPTX file from internet can sometimes leave the file in corrupted format and makes unable to access.

While encountering such errors during the opening of PPT file, just think about this software. Try it yourself how it works as it is proven to repair corrupted and damaged PowerPoint PPTX files.