Most of the business, organizations, and individual users prefer Microsoft Outlook. The reason behind this is MS-Outlook is a powerful personal information manager which provides the end user to communicate simply all over the world / organization. Apart from emailing tasking, the application is provided with contact tracking, tasks maintain, reminder, RSS feeds, meetings or events, and many other activities.

Microsoft PST repair toolHowever, each and every bit of MS Outlook data is stored as Personal Storage Table (PST) on saving. This PST file is not a simple text document file, it is a complex and composed of enormous binary data, file format and it’s prone to corrupt offend. Sometimes, the situations behind PST file corruption may not be exactly known. Check out this page to know more about how PST file gets corrupt and method of fixing it.

Some of reasons for PST file corruption / damage:

  • Most of the time, users does not end the Microsoft Outlook program properly and ends the MS Outlook application forcefully as this greatly affects the ongoing process in the MS Outlook which may result in corrupting or damaging the PST file.
  • Sometimes reasons like over-sizing of the PST file could result in either corrupt or damaging the PST file or also possibilities of making the Microsoft Outlook application itself inaccessible.
  • While performing multitasking mail operation such as copying, deleting, moving etc. in MS Outlook tool in a single operation may result in corrupting or damaging the PST file. So, Instead of single operations carry out in many repeated steps.
  • Apart from the above stated common factors. Sometimes, reasons like multitasking multiple emails on a single task, database issue, saving PST file on a network server, blue screen error, software issues, hard drive failure etc. could also result in corrupting the PST file.

Precautionary measures to avoid PST file corruption:

  • Always exit the Microsoft Outlook application properly.
  • Delete the unwanted emails and various other Outlook attributes regularly, to avoid PST file oversizing.
  • Never upgrade Outlook application on low internet connectivity.
  • Always maintain proper backup of the PST files regularly.

However, above mentioned safety measures cannot be performed after the PST file corruption. On such cases why not to use a reliable utility called as “Microsoft PST repair tool” to fix various corruption or damage PST issues.

Features of this application:

  • This utility has been identified and recommended by most of the industrial experts as well as individual users to repair corrupted or damaged PST file.
  • Oversized PST file can be easily fixed using this application.
  • Microsoft PST repair tool utility fixes PST files on various supported versions of Outlook like Outlook-2003, Outlook-2000, Outlook-2007 and Outlook-2010.
  • Apart from that you can also repair password protected PST file and also by using this application you can even recover email, messages, deleted items from Outlook in an ease.
  • This tool has powerful features. Which can repair your entire Outlook data file no matter what the might be the corruption scenarios.