SDXC card is the type of memory cards which stands for high storage of data and it has capacity to store data up to 2 TB which is approximately capable of storing the data nearly 2048 GB. Because of this feature, it has much craze in the market about this memory card. People like to use this storing because of its compatibility in most of the fields. Many new features are inbuilt in this storing device that why it is much capable of storing large amount of data. SDXC memory cards have capacity to store more than 300 files into it. With the help of these storing devices, you can save audio file, pictures, software, applications, games, video files, contacts, reminder, tasks, documents, MS files, pdf files, and many more files.   sdxc card recovery

SDXC stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity, name of the memory card itself defining that it can support huge amount of data storage. It has ability to save the file with their respective file extensions. These memory cards have many other features which attract users to make use of it. Different features like card security, commands to disable wires, standard reading and writing data, card password, DRM copy protection, etc. are some of the key features which made SDXC card famous all over globe. With the help of these memory cards, users can not only store data but also share the saved data. It is portable device which can called with the different names such as memory card, Flash card, SD card, Portable device, Micro SD card, memory stick, MMC card, etc.

With these extraordinary features and options of SDXC card, people are widely using these cards for storing purpose all over the world. Here’s more about the compatibility and specification of SDXC cards which may help to get information about these memory card. But sometimes what happened is files get delete or lost from these storing devices due to which users may get feel tensed and nervous with the lost of data. Some users specially use these memory cards for storing their personal files and also they provide security password to the stored data. If personally stored data get lost then the users compulsory think of recovering lost files back to the devices as the lost files are important to the user.

Some people really don’t know the way how to get back lost data from SDXC card? So further in this article, I would like to describe about an easy way of recovering lost files from memory card that is making use of advanced and powerful software named as SDXC Card Recovery software which is designed specially to recover lost files and this can be performed in just few simple steps.

This software has ability to recover lost files without altering the content of lost files as it will preview the image file before recovering in its demo version which is absolutely free. It can easily recover the lost files by creating image of the file without skipping the data of SDXC card. This utility is program in such a way that it has ability to restore files lost due to irrespective of reason from memory card.  Now it is important for every user to know in which scenarios files get deleted or lost from memory card.

Data loss scenarios:

  • Users might perform mistake while accessing files on card, there is chance that user opt for formatting instead of other options which may results in loss of entire data. So this is accidental case in which all files get lost by single option that is formatting the card.
  • In many computers you may find powerful antivirus software, when you connect your memory card to such devices. Then there is chance that virus infected files are get deleted by this antivirus software. This antivirus software performs it action of deleting files automatically without alerting users about it. So you should be very careful regarding this.