Have you ever lost your files or folder due to failed hard drive and also you don’t have the backup of those deleted files? If yes, then do not worry because you can recover data from faulty hard drive with the help of Recover Files Software with ease. It is 100% safe and secure tool. This software comes out with an advanced scanning algorithm feature which scan the entire system and external hard drive within few minutes and this is the perfect solution to recover files from failed hard drive.

recover data from faulty hard drive

Henceforth, to avoid data loss due to any reasons, it is better to maintain regular backup of files. Suppose, if you do not have backup of files and lost them due to some reasons, do not worry, just remain calm and make use of this software and easily recover files from failed hard drive in few steps.

Reasons behind deletion of data from failed hard drive:

  • There are chances of data deletion, when any sort of interruptions occur at the time of transferring files from external drive to computer hard drive and vice versa. While transferring files from external drive to computer, system may be shut down suddenly due to unexpected power failure. As a result, some data might be lost from external hard drive as well as from internal drive. This interruption can also happen due to abrupt ejection of external drive from the computer.
  • Sometimes, third party interruption like antivirus tool can be the reason for the deletion of data from system hard drive. While scanning external hard drive with an antivirus tool, this tool might automatically delete virus-affected files from drive. So, the only option left is usage of Recover Files software. With the assistance of this software, we can easily get back data from external hard drive with utmost ease.
  • Sometimes file system get corrupted due to sudden shut down of system, then we might be end up with format error message and leads to fault hard drive.
  • Apart from the above given reasons there are some other reasons which are responsible for bad hard drive are repartitioning of hard drive, incorrect file system conversion, oversized partition, power outage, third party interruption, etc.

Features of external hard drive file recovery software:

It is an advanced tool used for recovering file from failed hard drives. This is non-destructive read only software, as it can also recovers deleted files from digital camera, camcorder, iPods, etc. without making any damage to the original data. Moreover, using this tool, you can even recovered deleted files from Pan Drive, MMC card, USB drive, FireWire drive, etc. It can recover various types of data such as video, MP3 songs, images, document, PDF files, PowerPoint files, and others. After recovering all your lost or deleted files, you can preview them in the demo version of this tool. It can also recovers more than 300 deleted files from hard drive with the help of their unique signature style.