video file recoveryHi there guys, I am passionate about watching videos and I have not even missed single recent movies. I had the habit of download video file over the Internet. But, recently I was struck into a major issue i.e., the video which I have downloaded was playing fine on VLC media player until, when I tried to play on KM player it show and error saying video file corrupted. When I played my video file back on the VLC media player it played the movie without audio. I felt very bad about this since I cannot download the entire 3 GB video file again! So, I tried with various other media players but it was no use. Can someone, please suggest me how to repair a corrupted video file? Kindly provide me reliable video file repair software to fix the corruption issue. Thanks in advance!”

Some of the reasons for video file corruption or damage:

  • Sudden interruptions occurring while downloading the video files over the internet will make your file to get corrupt or damaged.
  • Playing the video file on unsupported media players which doesn’t support the codec of that particular video file. May result in damaging the video file.
  • Converting or compressing your video file by using the application of unreliable third party software may result in damaging the video file.
  • Index of the video file may get corrupted while sharing it on the internet.
  • When the video file is transferred from computer to external storage drive, if any sort of interruption occurs in the transferring process then the video files may get corrupted.
  • Playing your video file on a damaged player may lead to corruption of the video file.
  • Using an improper or uncertified recovery tool to recover lost video file may result in corrupting the video file after recovery.
  • Other reasons include corrupted frames, bad AVI index, etc.

By considering all the above issue you can make use of this “Video Repair Software” which effortless fixes the video file corruption or damage issues irrespective of its causes. Video Repair Software is tremendous repair tool with an inbuilt powerful algorithm to fix corrupted video file. It initially makes a copy out of the original corrupted file, and splits the audio and video parts, repairs them and creates a new file without overwriting the original file, which is corruption free application.

This utility has a simple GUI such that, even novice user can also easily fix damaged video file by using this application without any hazel. This tool has the ability to fix broken, corrupted AVI, MP4, DIVX, MOV, MPEG, 3G2, 3GP, RM and XVID files which can be played on both Windows and Mac OS.  The video files that got repaired by this tool can be played on all popular media players. This program enables to user to preview the fixed video files prior restoration.


  • Use only reliable certified media players to play your video files.
  • Correctly remove / eject your video files storing devices from computer to avoid file corruption.
  • Never try to open the video files with curiosity when the file is getting download.
  • Always backup your valuable video files to ensure safety.