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Learn How To Get Your iPhone or iPad Ready For iOS 9.3

It is expected that Apple is going to announce the release of iOS 9.3 at the event of next week. So it is the surprise for you that your hardware is ready to get updated in few days. First of all you need…


Want to Set Up Passcode on Apple Watch?

Isn’t a bad idea, having Passcode for your Apple Watch may secure the device unauthorized access. Additionally you can protect iPhone with Touch ID, also use passcode for using Apple Pay. Some users may annoy entering passcode on this tiny gadget, thus these…


Hands-on: Easy Way to Know your Chromebook’s Hardware

Most of the computers which are available in these days provide different ways to the users for getting aware of the hardware capabilities of those machines. But, it is not the case of Chromebooks which are manufactured by numerous brands like HP, Acer,…