PST File Repair Software is one of the widely used application to fix damaged or corrupted PST file. This utility was developed by a group of IT experts to repair corrupted Personal Storage Table which was not able to fix by inbox repair tool. It has powerful fixing mechanisms which can fix damaged PST file on all supported versions of MS Windows operating systems like Windows2003, Windows2008, Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows8 and MS Windows10. Also this tool can also fix several PST corruption situations from different versions of Outlook application from MS Outlook-2000 up till Microsoft Outlook-2016.

Microsoft PST repair toolThis tool can also fix your password protected Outlook PST file, compressed PST, oversized MS Outlook PST file and many more. PST File Repair Software is enabled with preview of the entire restored MS Outlook items and PST files in Outlook style browser. This is main preferred and used by various organizations since it a read-only program. This tool performs repairing of your PST file in such a manner that it takes a copy of your original damaged PST file and performs fixing of the mirrored file; such that you’re original PST file is always secure and safe. Also after fixing the corrupted outlook PST file you may able to all MS Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, scheduled appointments, tasks, RSS feeds and much more.

Also this tool is result oriented programs and assures 100% fixing of damaged PST file. By now you could have got an idea about how to fix corrupted PST file. But, knowing few PST file corruption / damaged scenarios, would help you out to prevent such MS Outlook PST file corruption scenarios.  One of the main causes for PST file corruption is because of “Oversize of PST file”. Each and every version of Microsoft Outlook utility has a specified PST file size limit and if you keep on accumulating more emails or data to the already oversizing PST file, then the PST file may get corrupted result inaccessible of the entire data presented in that file. See more scenarios of PST file corruption, which are mentioned beneath this article.

Causes for Outlook PST file corruption or damage:

  • Most of time the, if the Microsoft Exchange server gets crashed due to power failure, power surge, low internet connectivity, suspicious software, or due to other many reasons. This might produce different kinds of errors whenever you are trying to access the PST files.
  • Sometimes, when the Microsoft Exchange server is undergoing maintenance or when the MS exchange server is down. You might forcefully try to access the PST files. This could land you in a situation where you PST file might get corrupted.
  • On conversion of OST file to PST file with the help of a third party application. You should be always careful enough. Because, there are many utility which will assure you that conversion of OST to PST files is safe. But after conversion your PST and OST file may get corrupted.
  • Other factors like, unexpected hardware or software failures, white screen error, blue screen, terminating the Outlook application forcefully during its operation etc. could also damage the PST files.